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Make your wardrobe summer ready : Bottom-Wears

Nothing elevates your summer look like getting the ‘bottomlin’ right!  Wearing the right kind of bottom wear is as essential as wearing the right colour, fabric, top and even makeup! What adds to the confusion regarding picking the right bottom-wear is the fact that the fashion world is filled with myriad of options when it comes to styles and patterns of bottom-wear to choose from.

Here in the fourth and final leg of our series ‘Getting your wardrobe summer ready’ we have compiled every possible ‘trending’ bottom-wear styles that you idealistically stash your wardrobe with!

Denim Doves

There is nothing in this world that could shade the popularity of the beloved jeans because this garment combines not only comfort, but also impeccable style. In addition, they have earned their well-deserved place in the wardrobe of any woman. If you wear a pair of dark blue shortened jeans, with high waist and a large white shirt, you will surely get rid of the enemy called “what to wear”.

Moreover, this laconic combination can be diversified with truly summer-fitting accessories: a mini yellow purse, sandals in the same shade and some solid wood bracelets, and you instantly get a great look. The benefits of outfits that assume the presence of jeans is that they cannot be overly sophisticated and do not leave the impression that they have been thinking a long time before being worn. Simplicity and innocence, even with slight negligence, are what makes the image look stylish and natural.

Embroidery or 3D print denims, boyfriend jeans, capri jeans, deconstructed denims, high slit denims, ruffled hem denims, flare bottom denims, bell hem jeans, bell-bottoms – there are a plenty denim styles that are trending currently and definitely can make a place in your wardrobe.

High Waist-ED

As you know, summer is the time of light fabrics, bright and pastel, floral prints and easy cut. One of the most current trends of the spring-summer season is the high waist, which is observed in pants, skirts and shorts.  The high-waist stands out not only in trousers, generally being a fashion characteristic that looks good in combination with appropriate tops, blouses and sweaters. High-waisted pants will be worn with straps or belts, crop-tops, avant-garde blouses, short oversize sweaters.

Own the high-waist trend like a boss using the above pictures as style references.

Culottes and how!

Shorten and large culottes continue to occupy top positions among other fashion trends for 2017 spring-summer season. Although the changes are obvious: designers make this pattern look more wearable and versatile, offering new options for culottes, giving up on harsh fabrics and opting for casual designs.

Nothing screams classy casual like the right pair of culottes! A complete summer wardrobe must-have!

The Wide Palazzo Passion

Spring and summer is traditionally the most ideal time to wear wide-legged pants, including stylish and feminine palazzo pants. It’s well-known that fashion recycles itself, and while we turned up our noses at flared pants over the past decade or so, wide-legged bottoms have made a solid comeback. While skinny cuts aren’t necessarily obsolete yet, designers are bringing back bell bottoms from the early 2000s and the mid-’70s.

Palazzos are as comfortable as they look and much more! Printed, stripes, block colours, slit palazzos- flaunt them confidently in western or Indian look. Remember- the wider- the better!


The trend was heard very loudly last season, when daring cutouts of different lengths appeared on pants and sleeves. Today, the trend evolves even more being present on many of patterns of women’s pants with cutouts.

Cutouts are a fun and frolic fashion statement to make! They look and feel extremely comfortable and breezy. Another must have wardrobe element!

Plaid Pants / Stripes

Such patterns can definitely be called the classic of feminine style. Plaid pants look ideal in warm shades, allowing the creation of a typical British style, calm and elegant. But the current fashion is not only alive thanks to the classical style, therefore, in collections can be found plaid of absolutely any size and color.

Vertical stripes visually elongate the silhouette, a great advantage for ladies who are not so high and who do not own ideal body shapes.

Plaid and Stripes caption: Stripes and plaids make for the perfect office wear as well as evening wear. There is such an effervescent range of designs and colour combinations to choose from.

Oriental Narrow End Designs

Oriental style pants are back in fashion and conquered the catwalks by the variety of designs, which will please absolutely any fashionista. Some will opt for oversize style, others for classical carrot pants or narrow at the ankle and wide in the thighs.

Narrow at the right end and made of the right fabric- oriental narrow pants are the summer ‘it’ thing! These can be worn with crop tops, baggy tops, off-shoulder tops and kurtas!

Flared Pants

We adore and remember the flared pants back from the 70’s, this trend appearing and disappearing regularly on fashion catwalks. The flare is soft and gradually, therefore, flared pants fit even those with larger proportions, which normally aren’t advised to wear such designs.

Uneven hem flare, soft flowy flares, box flare, ruffle flare, baggy flare- and so on, there is no end to the kind of flare you can opt for this summer!

Embroidery and 3D

3D decorative elements are presently trending in apparels and designers haven’t overlooked pants. The most famous decor is floral compositions applied to the sides of pants. Also, inlay of crystals, fringes and other accessories can be found.

Embroidery Caption: Bring out your creative funk with these out of the box- in your face embroidery bottoms and own the summers!

Sheer Shine

Make sheer non-scandalous again! The lace trim, , pleated skirt, and maxi length all contribute to a romantic silhouette that the peek-a-boo lingerie feels almost innocent.

Sheer is all about being confident in one’s skin and showing it! Wear the right sheer and lace details to bring out the royalty in you this summer!

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