Getting your wardrobe summer ready : Summer Styles

Summers and style go hand in hand! Though it might be difficult to keep up with what’s trending and what is not while keeping your cool in the soaring temperature, you will be surprised how effortless the summer fashion trends for 2017 are.

When you know what the trending colours are and what are the go to fabrics you need to revamp your wardrobe, the next thing that you need to strike off your list is ‘styling’.
Without much ado, here is a compilation of the must have summer styles that you ought to have in your wardrobe –

Off Shoulders

This has been the most famous trend of 2016 and is here to stay in 2017! This trend has been sported by all celebrities, bloggers and fashionistas like. It’s a very minimal, easy and basic trend that every girl can try, and must, if you haven’t already. From off-shoulder suits, blouses to Indo-western gowns, your options are unlimited!

Cold Shoulders

There is a slight difference between the two dominating shoulder trend- while off shoulder implies having no fabric around the shoulders, while a cold shoulder just so happens to be the perfect way to ease yourself into showing a little skin. What is the great thing about a cold-shoulder top? You can keep the rest of your arms covered (if you’re not ready to flaunt it all), but the peek-a-boo cut-out reveal just enough to keep them guessing.

Seaside Stripes

Think Big- think fashion- think stripes. Just when you thought there was nothing more that can happen with stripes, seaside stripes make their way. Straight out from beach umbrellas and lounge chairs, these in-your-face lines, larger than life- are the perfect summer staples you should own. They are perfect ingredients for styling your summer casuals and work clothes. Stripes have also stamped their presence in handbag fashion, statement footwear hair accessories- just about everything!

Boho Prints

Prints have always been a summer favourite, but this year around with styling trend taking a more relaxed and sluggish turn; ‘bohemian’ prints is a hands on modish option when it comes to choosing the right print! Boho style can be described as a relaxed and expressive look. No matter where you want to wear boho, this style can be fun and ideal for ladies who want to express their individuality and freedom. What we like so much about it is that it’s flowing and easy but also edgy and feminine—all at the same time. Plus, it’s the kind of look that, in most cases, doesn’t require a lot of money. There’s a pretty good chance that you have some Boho basics already in your closet and a quick trip to a thrift store can help you to find some other pieces to complete the look.

Neutral Earthy Tones

Neutral on neutral, mix matching different shades of earthy tones has turned out to be a huge fashion rage across the globe! Earth tone colour scheme is made up of browns, tans, warm greys and greens. These colours are often muted and flat, emulating their natural colour derivatives found in moss, dirt, trees, and rocks. You can enhance your favourite earth tone, by pairing them with siren whites, blacks or also bring colour blocking into play by teaming different variants of the same tone together.

Laces and Sheer

Transparent, see-through, whatever you may call it, don’t shy away from it, it’s a trend worth exploring – sultry and sweet.  A see-through blouse or shirt is exactly what your wardrobe requires in this agonizing heat. Wear it over a bandeau or bustier and pair it with your favourite denims or midi and you’re good to go. If hearing the word layering is giving you a heat stroke this summer, fear not, we don’t want you to pull out those jackets from your wardrobe – simply throw on a sheer jacket over a jumpsuit or tank top and you have the freedom to accessorize however you wish without worrying about snagging those delicately sheer fabrics. You can spice up sheer with lace patterns and add details to the otherwise delicate and simple sheer fabric.

Slob Dressing

For some reason, the word “baggy” gets a bad rap, even though it can be totally chic. Don’t think that going baggy on top has to mean going skinny on the bottom. Sometimes it’s just too exhausting to put together a perfect outfit, with heels and the whole nine yards, which is why you should definitely try the top to bottom slob look.  Sloppy chic makes dressing down look good. Start with a fitted sports top in a moisture-wicking fabric. It’s sleek but comfortable, a good mix of form and function. To contrast the tight top, opt for dark, semi-loose workout capris or pants. Wear sneaker-like ballet flats for a laid-back yet finished appearance.

Ruffle Up

A good ruffle definition can substitute for heavy statement jewelry, a handbag or some major footwear.  The trend started with flutter sleeves, graduated to peplums and now, ruffles are out in full force. Ruffles were one of the key trends at major fashion shows all around the world, decorating necklines, skirts, blouses and even jackets. There were flouncy frills aplenty everywhere. Whether you opt for a bold ruffle-front dress worn with jeans as seen above, a frilled off-the-shoulder top, or a delicately layered feminine dress, there’s a ruffled look for everyone.

Denim Trend

There’s no time like the present to break away from the norm and try out new trends. And of course, that mantra includes your denim selection. Wearing denim on denim is a huge fashion rage presently. Team up your denim on denim look with wicking t-shirt or a cotton shirt and look cool as a breeze.

Ethnic Clothes

Slit kurtas, capes and asymmetric hemlines have made a flattering trend in 2017. Trends like cold shoulders, ruffles too have amped up the fashion quotient of our dear Indian Wear. Denims too have penetrated the Indian wear aesthetics and made way in form of kurtas, capes, and long skirts. Here are a few pictorial references for what’s trending in the ethnic fashion scenes.